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Dance, Act, it all at LA Performing Arts

Dance, Act, Sing, it all at LA Performing Arts! Classes offered for ages 3-Adult in the Stone Oak area of San Antonio, TX. Dance classes include Jazz, Ballet, Broadway, Tap, Modern, Lyrical, Contemporary, and more. Acting classes in TV/Film and Improv.

Film & Television Master Class


Our Film & Television 8-week Master Class, taught by award winning director Tory Christopher, will challenge experienced actors to continue learning their craft in comedy, drama, and improv acting. Weekly assignments will be handed out to actors as they work on character and story development within their craft. 

Class Information

Date: June 18-August 13 (no class July 16th)
Day & Time: Mondays 6-8pm
Tuition: $240

No two paths are the same in the creative arts.  Each individual’s brush stoke is different, as well it should be.   My goal is not to turn you into a cookie cutter actor that has the same approach and same method as any other actor.  My goal is to find your unique traits and your individual approach to the craft.  You will be given your first assignment when you sign up for the class.  Don’t worry… it’s fun and doesn’t take long.  But, it will be due at the first class on June 18th!  - Tory C

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The Film & Television Master Class is invitation only.