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Dance, Act, it all at LA Performing Arts

Dance, Act, Sing, it all at LA Performing Arts! Classes offered for ages 3-Adult in the Stone Oak area of San Antonio, TX. Dance classes include Jazz, Ballet, Broadway, Tap, Modern, Lyrical, Contemporary, and more. Acting classes in TV/Film and Improv.

Combo Classes


Our Combo classes cover a combination of ballet and jazz dance technique in an hour-long class. Dancers learn ballet foundations for the first half-hour of class, and switch to jazz technique with up-beat songs and choreography for the second half-hour.
Teachers employ fun and engaging learning tools including bean bags to learn balance, ribbons to work on fluidity, and scarves to focus on arm positions, providing a fun and entertaining way to learn dance.

Class age

Combo is offered for ages 3-8. Combo III incorporates beginner tap as well.

Dress code

Pink leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, hair in a bun. (Optional: tutu or skirt)

Who should take it?

Combo is our recommended class to students just beginning to dance, or for girls wanting to become ballerinas!


Broadway Classes


Our most popular class! The Broadway class combines singing, dancing, and acting. All three skills are worked on every week, with focus on specific technique and exercises to increase skills. The dance style is musical theater jazz, where students are taught to bring their own unique acting style and emotions into the choreography. Students learn how to incorporate proper singing technique into their dancing.

Class material includes jazz dance technique, theater acting, improvisation, and vocal technique. Broadway students perform an acting script into a song and dance number.

Class age

Broadway classes are offered for ages 4-18.

Dress code

Red LA Performing Arts shirt, black leggings or jazz pants, black jazz shoes.
Broadway ages 12-18 also requires character heels (Capezio brand, 2 inch heel, tan, t-strap style).

Who should take it?

Broadway is a fun, fast-paced class for the performers that want to do it all.


Tap Dance Classes


One of the most classic dance styles, tap dancing is known for its energetic flow seen in the likes of people like Fred Astaire, Eleanor Powell, or Savion Glover. Our Tap classes focus on teaching students iconic technique, tap rhythms, beginner to advanced steps, and showmanship to current up-beat music.

Teachers focus on increasing individual student abilities throughout the course of the semester so each student can learn and grow while having fun making noise. Dance combinations are used to increase technique and memorization, as well as original choreography to be performed at the end of the semester.

Class age

Tap classes are offered for ages 6-18.

Dress code

 Red LA Performing Arts shirt, black jazz pants/leggings or black dance shorts with tights, black tap shoes.
Advanced Tap ages 11-18 require black tap shoes with a box toe.

Who should take it?

Tap is a fun, energy-filled class for students wanting to dance and make some noise, and for performers interested in pursuing musical theater.


Jazz Dance Classes

leap day.jpg

A fun, ever-evolving style of dance. Jazz dance is the most predominant style performed in famous musicals. From West Side Story to Newsies, Gene Kelly to Michael Jackson, jazz dance is also known for it's upbeat songs, flashy choreography, and combination of leaps and turns.

Our Jazz classes help build the proper skills students need to have a base foundation in dance, including preparation for musical theater and contemporary style dance. Our Jazz dance program trains dancers be prepared for jazz dance auditions, including into our pre-professional company, the Sensations Dance Company.

Class age

Jazz dance classes are offered for ages 7-Adult.

Dress code

For the 7-10yr old class, dress code is a pink tank top, black jazz pants/leggings and black jazz shoes.
For the 11-17yr old class, dress code is a tight-fitted tank top, black jazz pants/leggings (or black dance shorts and tan tights), tan jazz shoes.
For the adult jazz class, dress code is a comfortable tank top or shirt, black jazz pants/leggings (or black dance shorts and tan tights), black jazz shoes.

Who should take it?

Jazz is an energetic class for dancers wanting an upbeat style of dance while learning challenging and rewarding techniques. Jazz dance is one of the foundational styles of dance for students wanting to train for lyrical, modern, or contemporary dance.


Ballet Classes


Ballet is one of the most classical styles of dance. It evokes images of grace and beauty. Our classes have a focus on teaching ballet in a fun and safe environment, encouraging students to push themselves further at their own pace.

Our ballet program is run by professional dancer for Ballet San Antonio, Jenna Stamm. Levels start at I & II, move into pre-pointe at level III, and begin more intensive pointe-work at levels IV & V.

Once teacher evaluation has determined individual students are strong enough, they will be invited to their first pointe shoe fitting. Then, students begin pointe training.

Class age

Ballet classes are offered for ages 9-18.

Dress code

Black leotard, pink tights and pink ballet shoes (canvas preferred). Students may wear black skirts, shrugs/wraps and leg warmers as needed. Hair in a bun. 
(Pointe students must wear convertible tights)

Who should take it?

Students wanting to build a strong dance foundation, have always dreamed of being en pointe, or have pre-professional and professional ballet dance goals in mind.



Hip Hop Classes


Our Hip Hop classes cover a wide umbrella of hip hop dance styles, allowing students to become familiar with movements from break dancing, popping and locking, to tutting and freezes.

Teachers work with students to understand body isolations and a lower center of gravity while teaching fun combinations and choreography. Students are helped and encouraged to find their own unique style.

Class age

Hip Hop is offered for ages 7-Adult.

Dress code

Hip hop attire or any clothing that allows for movement (no jeans!). 
Students must wear hip hop, Keds or jazz shoes on studio floor. Street shoes can be used, as long as the soles are wiped clean and are only worn to dance class.

Who should take it?

Hip Hop is the class for students looking for a fast moving, dynamic style of dance, or wanting to dance and never get bored!


TV/Film Acting Classes


Our TV/Film classes focus on training students at an individual level in a group setting to increase their acting range. Teachers employ method acting techniques taken from acting greats such as Uta Hagen, Stanislavski, Meisner, and Stella Adler, with an emphasis on building upon student's strengths and increasing their skills and comfort level with new material.

Students are filmed each week in class and work on material including: cold readings, commercials, monologues, partner-work, scene study, hitting the mark, memorization. Building an acting headshot and resume, proper auditioning etiquette, and union information is also covered in class.

TV/Film students perform an end of semester "Agent's Night" showcase, where local casting directors and agents are invited to watch our actors perform.

Class age

TV/Film classes are offered for ages 7-Adult.

Dress code

No dress requirements. Students are encouraged to wear clothing they feel comfortable in.

Who should take it?

TV/Film is for students wanting to pursue a professional career in acting, people interested in increasing their public speaking skills, or for anyone who just wants to get in front of a camera and act!


Improv Acting


Improv is all about unscripted, off the cuff, spontaneous, on the spot acting, character, and scene creation! Who's Line is it Anyway?, Second City Improv, ComedySportz and Upright Citizen's Brigade are examples of great improv being performed both on tv and live on stage.

Our Improv classes focus on teaching students the foundations of improv, learning to come up with on the spot characters and working with partners to create compelling, real, and fun scenes. Short-form improv games and long-form scenes are worked in class.

Improv students perform either a compilation of short-form games or a long-form format scene for a live audience at the end of each semester.

Class age

Improv classes are offered for ages 10-18.

Dress code

No dress requirements. Students are encouraged to wear clothing they feel comfortable in.

Who should take it?

Improv is an essential skill for actors wanting to pursue a professional TV/Film or Theater career, for students looking for an incredibly fun acting style, or for those who need a creative performance outlet for their endless imagination!


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