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Dance, Act, it all at LA Performing Arts

Dance, Act, Sing, it all at LA Performing Arts! Classes offered for ages 3-Adult in the Stone Oak area of San Antonio, TX. Dance classes include Jazz, Ballet, Broadway, Tap, Modern, Lyrical, Contemporary, and more. Acting classes in TV/Film and Improv.

Tap Dance Classes


One of the most classic dance styles, tap dancing is known for its energetic flow seen in the likes of people like Fred Astaire, Eleanor Powell, or Savion Glover. Our Tap classes focus on teaching students iconic technique, tap rhythms, beginner to advanced steps, and showmanship to current up-beat music.

Teachers focus on increasing individual student abilities throughout the course of the semester so each student can learn and grow while having fun making noise. Dance combinations are used to increase technique and memorization, as well as original choreography to be performed at the end of the semester.

Class age

Tap classes are offered for ages 6-18.

Dress code

 Red LA Performing Arts shirt, black jazz pants/leggings or black dance shorts with tights, black tap shoes.
Advanced Tap ages 11-18 require black tap shoes with a box toe.

Who should take it?

Tap is a fun, energy-filled class for students wanting to dance and make some noise, and for performers interested in pursuing musical theater.



19239 Stone Oak Parkway #202 San Antonio, TX 78258
Ph: 210-842-6407

LA PERFORMING ARTS provides students with the knowledge and confidence to excel in the arts.